Heat Press For Throw Pillows And More

  • Posted on: 4 October 2017
  • By: admin
Each year our company has this budget for our custom giveaways for our clients and it was a perfect one for this year as the company did quite well and we have more on our fund. As I was the usual lead for the giveaway committee, we make it a point that we have those desk calendars and planners as those are the signature of the company giveaways each year. And now we have some more budget and we with my team are thinking of adding something for our top clients although we do not actually know what would be best yet.

One suggested a personalized bag, but then on the other hand would our VIP clients would want to use such while they got their signature ones all the time. Another suggestion was a personalized branded pen where the client’s name would be etched in it, it was a great suggestion but then most of the companies are already giving out such and we would just be on of the many for that. The third suggestion was just perfect, with the HeatPressReview we can press in our company design in any cloth that we want so there would be shirts and some throw pillows as well.

So we had those extra budgets on the shirts and pillows and we have it packed in a personalized company box which really looked elegant. We started to give it to clients when they come visit our office, and after a week we would be personally bringing it to their offices. There was one that he was so happy to share that he gave the throw pillow to his wife and she was so happy with it and said that it would be one great conversation piece during the holidays when friends and family come have dinner with us.