Home Insurance and Security Cameras: An arlo vs arlo pro review

  • Posted on: 9 October 2017
  • By: admin

Are your home and properties insured? Home Insurance is a useful investment for any mishap that may occur in your home. But to complete the financial security, it is necessary to complement your insurance with security cameras. Having security cameras to capture the events will make sure that you will avail your well-deserved insurance.

Not only it is able to record robberies, trespassing and other crimes that had happened, but security cameras are able to prevent crimes from happening. There have been numerous recordings of people malicious intent hesitate and discontinue their plans when the location they are trying to steal from is secured with cameras. Security cameras are integral to creating a peaceful environment for your loved ones and keeping your possessions safe.

Complement Your Insurance With Arlo Cameras

If you are wondering which security camera to choose, the Arlo security cameras have been a popular choice for homeowners. There are currently two choices in the Arlo brand, the classic Arloand the Arlo Pro, and may be confusing for customers. This arlo vs arlo pro review highlights major points between the two to help customers make the best choice with their money according to their needs.

• Better cameras are wire-free.

Camera wirings are a hassle to install. It takes extra time just to put them in place and will take longer if you have multiple cameras. In addition, when the wires are cut for whatever reason, power and footage are lost. Luckily, both Arlo models are wire-free, run on batteries and unified by a single camera Base Unit.

• I dislike disposable batteries.

Customers who are advocates of environmentally friendly products or cost-effective energy choose the Arlo Pro. The Arlo Pro comes with rechargeable batteries in contrast to the disposable ones of the classic Arlo.

• I need a camera that can survive extreme temperatures.

Do you live in an area with freezing winters or desert-like summers? If you need a camera that can still function in high temperatures, both Arlo models can tolerate a temperature that reaches up to 50 degrees or 122 Fahrenheit. If you live in colder regions, the Arlo Pro is preferable, functioning in a temperature of -10 degrees or 14 Fahrenheit.